with facilitators
Miriam Therese Winter
& musician Sara Thomsen

Friday, April 27, 7–9 p.m.
& Saturday, April 28, 9 a.m.–3 p.m.

at St. Ludmila’s Catholic Church
211 21st Ave SW, Cedar Rapids, Iowa 52404

Spirituality in the 21st Century welcomes theologian Miriam Therese (M.T.) Winter and musician-of-the-earth Sara Thomsen to the center of the fray of emergent consciousness. What does a planetary spirituality look like today? M.T. notes:

“The signs of the times are challenging those of us within established faith traditions and the many who self-identify as seekers to wrestle with contemporary issues in a whole new way: from the perspective of an emerging cosmology that is affecting life on planet Earth more than we realize. During our time together we will explore how transformative energies are redefining our approach to the Sacred, encouraging us to move beyond established separations and to open ourselves to new approaches to living life meaningfully in these tumultuous times.”

—M.T. Winter

M.T.’s book Paradoxology: Spirituality in a Quantum Universe will provide the framework for exploring a newly emerging global consciousness and more authentic ways of living faithfully in a constantly evolving universe. And Sara’s inspired accompaniment will offer music for the soul to hold us all in rhapsodic orbit. We hope you will join us for this epic two-day journey into the heart of planetary spirituality!


Miriam Therese Winter, MMS, PhD, describes herself as a metaphorical theologian with a doctorate from Princeton Theological Seminary. She is on the faculty of Hartford Seminary in Connecticut and is the director of the Women’s Leadership Institute and the master’s program in transformative leadership and spirituality. Committed to celebrating the liturgy of life, she promotes an awareness of the Divine rooted in the quantum reality permeating the world in which we live. She also is a celebrated liturgical musician, well known for songs like Joy is Like the Rain.


Sara Thomsen is an artist of the melody, whose music touches the soul and invites us to respond for the good of the global community. Sara’s gentle, soulful and uplifting acoustical renderings celebrate the beauty of the cosmos and call us into fuller communion with the global family. Visit Sara’s website at www.SaraThomsen.com.


Come see how the art of creating feeds the spiritual imagination and reflects the dynamism of the emergent universe!


Conference Registration

The cost of the two-day conference is $75 and includes Saturday lunch. (After April 1, the cost is $80.) Friday only is $25, and Saturday only is $50, including lunch.

Lodging is full at Prairiewoods. Lodging is limited at area hotels this weekend due to a sporting event. However, some rooms may be available at Comfort Inn & Suites (319-378-8888) or Country Inn & Suites in Cedar Rapids (319-294-8700). Please call early to inquire about a room.


Spirituality in the 21st Century welcomes hundreds of spiritual seekers each year, so don’t wait to register!