Prairiewoods party at the end of the year,
Friday night—let’s get together here!
Come in where it’s warm, do some meet and greet.
Work your way to the room with good stuff to eat.
The place is hopping, find a table with some folks you know.
Grab a plate, cloth napkin, and you’re ready to go.
Veggies and fruit, goat cheese on toast,
Tasty chicken and dips. What’s on these chips? It’s tender pork roast.

Get back to your group to chat and chew—
spend time with friends, some old, some new.
Finish off with cookies and fudge—pretty sweet stuff—
are you counting calories?—whoa—that’s enough!
More people coming in that you want to see, so linger and talk over coffee and tea.
Say your fond farewells and be on your way—
That’s the Prairiewoods party for the holiday!

—ML, friend of Prairiewoods and Christmas Party attendee

Posted Jan. 23, 2018