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R&G BodyIn honor of our 20th anniversary, Prairiewoods launched Rooted & Growing, our first-ever fundraising campaign. Our goal is to raise $80,000 by the end of 2017. An anonymous matching gift of $20,000 means we will receive one additional dollar for every three that you donate to the Rooted & Growing campaign, up to $60,000. Any gift from you is automatically multiplied to benefit Prairiewoods and will help us reach our $80,000 goal!

Now is the time to plant seeds for future growth and new life at Prairiewoods. Together, we will flourish in the seventy acres of sacred space here at Prairiewoods. Please contribute to Rooted & Growing today by contacting us at 319-395-6700 or mailing your contribution to Prairiewoods, 120 E Boyson Rd, Hiawatha, IA 52233. Your generosity is very much appreciated!


2016 Annual Report Donor List - cover

2015-2016 Donors

We are grateful to all who contributed to Prairiewoods in the last fiscal year (July 1, 2015–June 30, 2016). Whether you volunteered your time, shared your garden produce, ironed napkins or wrote a check, we appreciate your generosity! Click on the image at left for a printable list of all of our donors for the last fiscal year.



Meet Our Donors and Volunteers (since July 2017)


Sandi Allen
Dan & Marianne Arndorfer

Dana Ballas
Robert Berrett
Martha Barry
Mary Ann Barry
Bob Bauman
Vicki Bauman
Doug Beadle
Duane & Martha Beaudry
Arlene Blazek
Rosie Bowers
Alan Boyden
Dian Boysen
Tom Brady
Marie Brown
Vicki Brubaker
Ellen Bruckner
Barb Buchanan

Nancy Cornelius
Camera Craft, Inc.
Debbie Crane

Carol Daly
Dick & Jane Dorff
Ed & Peggy Dettmer
Norine Drahazol
Susan Dryden

Judith Edwards
Dana & John Ehrhart
Marj English, OSF

Mary Lynn Fayoumi
Jess Feldt
Sue Finley
Terese Fisher
Marjorie Foster
Ginny Fleming
Donna Fluckiger
M.L. Folkedahl-Meehleder
John Frankhouse
Jolene Frankhouse
Pat Frasher
Chris & Patti Leitzen-Fye

Mary Anne Garry
Cathy Gehling
Jerry & Kathy Gehling
Jo Ann Gehling
Joann Gehling, FSPA
Ken Gehling
Lydia Gehling
Randy Gehling
Mary Claeys & Richard Gehling
Roger Gehling
Donna Gelski
Karen Gertz
Bob Goetzinger
Dorothy Goetzinger
Louise Green
Christine Gust

Joyce Haberl
Darlene Hartkemeyer
Diane & Les Hauck
Rita Heires, FSPA
Connie & Patrick Heser
Sharon Hill
Bill & Jeannette Holtz
Milinda Hopp
Dawn Hysler


Glenn & Marjorie Jensen
Sharon Johannsen

Karen Kappell, FSPA
Larry Kennedy
Alan Kessler
Christine Kirpes
Rachel Kirpes
Roger Kirpes
Linda Koehler
Mary Kopecky
Julie Kuehnle
Patti Kunz

Kay Landuyt
Carolyn Leary
Barb Lebsock
Carol & Dick Lensing
Karen & Mont Levy
Andi & Steve Lewis
Pat Lillis
AshLynn Lough
Diane Lynch

Charlotte Machacek
Linda Martin
Lola McAreavy
Mark McCright
Pat McCright
Patricia McLean
Kay McWhinney
Norma Mikkola
Dixie Miller
Mary Mockler
Diane Moore
Jan Monk
Bev Mumm
Craig & Peggy Murphy
Mary Murphy
Pat Myers

Delores Nagl
Jane Nelson
Bette Niccolls

Lois Ocenosak
Joan & Marlin Oeltjen
Vince O’Connor
Diane Olsen
Esther Olson
Peggy Orcutt

Caleen Pagel
Chuck Peters
Kathy Petsche
Bob Pinchotti
Nichole Platner
Prairiewoods Knitters & Stitchers
Joellen Price, PBVM

Jan Reiger
Rose Rhinehart
Larry Robinson
Ben Rogers
Nathan Rood
Diane Ropp
Matt Ropp
Jeanette Rops
Kathryn Roys
Jenny Rupp

Paula Sanchini
Emy Sautter
Jane Schlegel
Darlene & Lee Schmidt
Jerry Schmidt
Sharon Schmidt
Nancy Schrimper
Jeff & Kathy Schumacher
Bill & Cathy Sheka
GianLuc Sison
Gina Sison
Barbara Smith
Michelle & Patrick Soyer
Ellie Spielbauer
Amy Starr
Georgia Stoeber
Tom Stoeber
Barbara Sumner

Tom Takes
Mary Taylor
Ralph Toms
Noreen Tonkin

Donna Venteicher, FSPA
Steve Volesky
Georgia Von Arx
Allen & Diane Vonnahme

Gloria Waltke
Sue & Tom Wehmeyer
Darlene Welsch
Linda Wessling
Henry & Rosemary Whitehorne
Lisa Wilson
John & Judy Winistorfer

Andy & Ginny Yarne

Connie Zenisek
Tom Zenisek