Following Prairiewoods’ Spirituality in the 21st Century conference with Ilia Delio, OSF, and Sara Thomsen in May 2017, a number of people felt challenged to continue finding hope in things going on in our community. Seven Hosting Hope Circles are forming this fall around topics like Health Care & Education and Peace & Restorative Justice.

One Hosting Hope Circle of particular interest to me is the Storytelling, Art & Music group. Together, those of us who make up this Hosting Hope Circle would like to offer you a bit of peace or respite from your busy day. We invite you to take a few minutes to reflect on the beauty of our planet in Tom Chapin’s song This Pretty Planet through links we have provided below. We all need to remember to take care of our planet, and perhaps this brief uplift can inspire us in our part of keeping our world viable and beautiful!

The following videos feature three different version of This Pretty Planet. Each is only a few minutes long. The first has stunning photos accompanying the song; the second offers Chapin’s thoughts on the song’s meaning and impact; and the third features a children’s choir, full of giggles and wiggles, and sure to bring a smile to your face.

For a lovely bit of inspiration and peace, click on the links below. Enjoy, and keep hope alive!

Song with Beautiful Photos

Tom Chapin’s Insights

Children’s Choir

(And If you would like to join us in finding hope for a better future through storytelling, art and music, please email Andi Lewis. We welcome your creativity and hope!)

—Joni Reed Cooley, Prairiewoods Artist-in-Residence

Posted Dec. 5, 2017