Grandmother Tree at Prairiewoods“Go to the places of stillness where knowing comes to the surface. Here you share and reflect on everything that you have learned from a deep place of listening, asking, ‘What wants to emerge here?'”  —Otto Scharmer and Katrin Kaufer, Leading from the Emerging Future: From Ego-System to Eco-System Economies

As a place of peace and transformation, Prairiewoods invites you to enter into the sacred rhythms of creation to listen deeply and discover what is emerging in your own life.

  • The Woods at PrairiewoodsRefresh yourself through the healing energy of Dry Creek flowing lazily throughout the lush woodlands.
  • Breathe in the balm of the gentle, soothing breezes stirring your senses and your soul.
  • Catch your breath when a doe and her fawns gaze up from the stream or peek out from behind the trees.
  • Drink fully from the prairie’s deep quiet, with only the swaying grasses and birdsong as your daily companions.
  • A Butterfly at PrairiewoodsRise with the sun on a cool morning walk through the orchard or flower gardens.
  • Enjoy the local, organic food served with simple hospitality and warmth.
  • Renew your bodily spirit with massage, healing touch or reflexology.
  • Enjoy a good read in the media center, listen to soothing music while writing in your journal, or walk mindfully along the Cosmic Walk through the woods.
  • Prairie WoodsSip your favorite tea in the last light of the evening sunset from the comfort of the Guest House porch.
  • Create a mesmerizing mandala, paint your own soulful portrait, or compose a poignant haiku in the inspirational setting of the Art Room.
  • Laze through the day in a sky chair, hammock or lawn chair, or slumber with a favorite poem by the fire in the Lounge.
  • Journey through the labyrinth with the moon and stars as your trusted guides.
  • The Meditation RoomPray and give thanks in the meditation room.
  • Sleep peacefully. Swim in the deepest pools of your own fertile imagination and dreams. Awake refreshed and energized. Reconnect with your life’s joy.
  • Be.

Whether you choose a group or private retreat, you are welcome to nurture your spiritual journey at Prairiewoods. You can go a long way in a short amount of time! You set the time and we’ll help with the details.