cross in woodsPrairiewoods’ programs and retreats focus on one of three topics that are central to all we do here: ecology, spirituality and holistic health. With our focus on spirituality, we help guests honor and develop their relationship with their Creator. Is your group or organization interested in exploring spirituality? Prairiewoods’ staff can make arrangements to present a variety of spiritual tools to your group at your site or onsite at Prairiewoods. Topics may include learning about the labyrinth, enneagram, Myers-Briggs, various forms of prayer, Scriptural resources, spiritual spa and renewal days, catechist’s retreats and much more. Presentations can be molded to meet your group’s needs.

Spiritual Direction
Spiritual Direction 3A trained spiritual director can help you pay attention to and talk about your ongoing relationship with God. Qualified spiritual directors can help you place yourself freely before God and reflect on your life experiences. Spiritual directors are often thought of as “trained listeners,” or people who guide you to discover what is already within you. Typically, spiritual direction is one hour long and occurs monthly and/or during a directed retreat.

For individuals who wish to meet on an individual basis, several staff members are trained in spiritual direction:
Betty Daugherty, FSPA, 319-395-6700, ext. 205,
Marj English, OSF, 319-395-6700, ext. 216,
Joann Gehling, FSPA, 319-395-6700, ext. 215,
Ann Jackson, PBVM, 319-395-65700, ext. 203,
Laura Weber, 319-395-6700, ext. 207,
Lucille Winnike, FSPA, 319-395-6700, ext. 221,