Prairie WoodsThe New Universe Story has been inspirational in the foundation and development of Prairiewoods. The story tells us so much about the Divine, about ourselves and our role on Earth, and about the sacredness of all Creation. This is a story emerging in theological and scientific circles, telling us that the Original Fireball contained all that exists today. This is the source of all, coming from the heart of Divine Mystery.

As theologian Elizabeth Johnson tells this story, “About 15 billion years ago a single numinous speck exploded in an outpouring of matter and energy, shaping a universe that is still expanding.”

This burst of matter and energy brought forth over 100 billion galaxies, our planetary system, Earth and all the creatures on it. In this universe, everything is connected to everything else. We have all evolved from common ancestors and are kin.

We believe that the Creator Spirit remains present within this Universe, guiding the ongoing evolutionary process from within. This leads us to accept the importance of human beings, realizing that we are part of the mystery of the universe, but not the lords of creation. Our role is to be partners with God in protecting and honoring the sacredness of our home.

Prairiewoods is dedicated to the effort to bring our Christian Story and the scientific Story of the Universe into one story that will give greater meaning and purpose to life. We hope to make the integration of care of the Earth an integral part of the human spiritual journey.