ECNC Phase 2Building community is a complex and life-long journey with relationships residing at its core. Engaging Community, Narrating Change, Prairiewoods’ annual Spirituality in the 21st Century conference, held April 4–5, affirmed just that—relationships! Nearly 500 people “circled up” and leaned into synergetic conversations to find connections in the service of something greater than themselves. Their overall goal was to transform the current socio-economic and civic systems into a more ideal and equitable community-oriented reality.

Presenter/facilitators Walter Brueggemann, John McKnight and Peter Block and musician Barbara McAfee challenged and inspired eager participants by modeling the process to change conversations to engage others and narrate change for the common good. Conference attendees met in small circles to share thoughts around topics of need and interest, challenging one another to identify personal gifts and lift long-held dreams. In conversation on these areas of need, narrating positive change now seems possible!

More than 50 organizations committed to hosting six monthly conversations in their own locale between May and October. In November Prairiewoods will welcome Peter Block back to facilitate the culmination of activity, learning, challenge and next best steps.

We remain grateful for the overwhelming response to the conference, and now we are ready to focus on the next step. Do you want to be a part of it? If so, check back here soon … we will post details about how you can start your own small group or join an existing group.